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La FAQ ci-dessous présente quelques préoccupations courantes de nos clients avant d'acheter le thème.
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Questions techniques + thématiques

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Yes, there are two batteries per pair of gloves. They are included in the product packaging.
Yes,We sell originals batteries all the time,convenient for customers to replace.
Yes, the charger comes with the Gloves and batteries.
After opening, the inside of the glove will quickly heat up within 30 seconds. If you turn it on and use the high end, the gloves will heat up faster.
Sorry,heated gloves can not work with app, do not support bluetooth connection.


1.The batteries must be fully charged before storing for a long time.
2.Charge the battery at least once every 3 months to keep the battery available (If not in use).
3.Please store the battery in a dry and room temperature environment and avoid exposure to the sun.
1. Please use original batteries and chargers for power supply.
2. Always remove the battery from the products when charging, unplug the battery from the charger in time when it is fully charged.
3. Prevent the battery from entering water or falling and bumping.
4. Prevent the battery from being punctured by sharp objects.
5. Please purchase new batteries through our Amazon store or contact us.